Tremfan Hall

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Lunches @ Tremfan Hall 

Tremfan Hall Lunch Menu 2022


Mixed Sicilian olives £4.50 (gf) (vg)

Bread board with butter, aged balsamic & Welsh garlic rapeseed oil, beetroot hummus £5 (v)

Pork scratchings with Anglesey sea salt & smoked paprika £4 (gf)

Garlic bread £4 with cheese £5(v)

Rustic baguettes served with skin on fries or rainbow salad 

Hot Roast rump of beef - pan of roast beef marrow gravy £14

Hot turkey breast – stuffing – cranberry sauce - pan of blond gravy £13.50

Falafel – caramelised onion hummus – grated carrot – sliced tomato -mixed leaf – Asian coleslaw - tomato chutney £11.50 (vg)

Chicken Liver & Honey Parfait - Smooth - Smooth texture pate flavoured with brandy & honey, toasted brioche, croutons, olives, cornichons & mixed salad £9 (gf if ordered gf bread roll)   

Smoked salmon & Tiger Prawn Salad -  Mixed leaves, dill smoked salmon, poached prawns, cucumber peppers, avocado & tomatoes with lemon & poppy seed dressing £12 (v) (gf)

Moroccan Salad with Avocado & Yogurt Mint Dressing - Mixed leaf, cherry tomato, red onion, sliced chilli, golden raisins, toasted walnuts & pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, chopped dates, soft apricots £9.50 (vg)  


Spicy Beef Pancakes - 2 Savoury pancake filled with minced beef flavoured with chilli, peppers & coriander baked in tomato & cumin sauce with mixed cheese served with rainbow salad  £13.50

Tremfan Old Smokey Main - Smoked haddock, tiger prawns, potato, peas, thermidor sauce,

cheese gratin. £9 with rainbow salad & chips £14.50 (gf without crouton)

The Bistro Burger - Hand made beef patty, toasted seeded bun, sweet pickled gherkins, cheese, bacon, Tremfan BBQ sauce served separate & skin on chips £15   

Braised Beef Daube  - Welsh beef shoulder steak cooked with beef stock, thyme, bay leaf, onions & treacle served with mash potato & homemade Yorkshire pudding £15.50 (gf with out Yorkshire pudding)  

Soup of the day – Served with rustic bread & butter £5.50 (gf if ordered with gf bread roll)

Little Angels Menu

Chicken strips, chips & peas tommy sauce £10

Spaghetti Bolognaise with garlic bread £10

Scampi, chips & peas with tommy sauce £10

Sausage, mash & peas with gravy  £10

Spaghetti pasta with fried peppers, tomato & basil cream sauce served with garlic bread £10 (v) (vg with out cream)  


Skin on chips with sea salt flakes £4.50 (gf) (v)

Rainbow side salad £4.50 (vg) (gf)

Cauliflower cheese £4.50 

Mixed vegetables £4.50 

Tremfan Cheese boardRoquefort Blue – Snowdonia black bomber – Per Las Blue Brie  – Soft French goats cheese with truffle honey, rosemary crackers, soft fruits, nuts, grapes, chutney £11 (n) (Available with out nuts)

Handmade Desserts £8

Dark Chocolate, Amaretti & Rum Torte – served with fresh berries, fruit coulis & cherry ice cream (n) (v)

Passion Fruit Cream Brûlée  – Passion fruit flavoured set French cream served with glazed passion fruit & short bread biscuit.

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Served with orange gel, toffee sauce, vanilla ice cream, roast nuts & fresh berries (n)

Biscoff Cheesecake - Served with strawberry ice cream & fresh berries 


Ice cream & Sorbet 3 scoops £5

Cherry (gf)

Vanilla (gf)

Chocolate (gf)

Salted caramel (vg) (gf)

Lemon sorbet (vg) (gf)

Raspberry sorbet (vg) (gf)

Blackcurrant Sorbet (vg) (gf)